Upcoming Motorcycle Rallies

Attending a bike rally can be an enjoyable and life-changing g experience. With Canada’s wide-open spaces and beautiful landscapes, hitting the highway has a whole other meaning. Join in on these rallies to experience some of the historic towns in Canada while also supporting various causes.

Post image Upcoming Motorcycle Rallies Hogs for Hospice - Upcoming Motorcycle Rallies

Hogs for Hospice – Leamington, Ontario – 7 to 9 July

The Hogs for Hospice event takes place at Seacliff Park in Leamington with a great cause. The event will span a whole weekend and include charity rides, bike games, shows, stunts, ventures, and live music concerts. This event includes riders from all over Canada to show support for the cause and participate in the 3-hour charity ride going from the most southern tip of mainland Canada inside Point Pelee National Park.

Route 16 Thunder Rally – Canso, Nova Scotia – 5 to 7 August

The Route 16 Thunder Rally is an annual motorcycle event that is now reaching its three years running and sees it growing and joining in on the Nova Scotia Music Festival for Motorcycles. The event will see a large campsite to use for the weekend, great food stalls, and more. The event will be hosted to support the initiation of the local minor hockey and figure skating team adjacent to the arena.

Post image Upcoming Motorcycle Rallies Ride the Boot - Upcoming Motorcycle Rallies

Ride the Boot – Burin, Newfoundland – 26 to 28 August

The Heritage Riders will host this bike rally at Smugglers Cove. The Heritage Run provides the best chance to experience the historic towns on the road. The 150km run starts from the Trans Canada Highway down to The Boot to Burin. This biking rally has been seen as one of the most popular among bikers who want to experience different towns and have a weekend filled with live music and great food.

Wharf Rat Rally – Digby, Nova Scotia – 1 to 4 September

The Wharf Rat Rally is one of the country’s largest motorcycle rallies and attracts thousands of local motorcyclists to participate in various activities. The rally was first hosted in 2005 and has proven to be one of the truest bike culture events in the country. The rally has many builders and vendors showcasing their new builds and produces, making it a great weekend of bike riding, music, food, and getting the lowdown on the latest parts and bodies.

Visit any of the rallies mentioned in this article to experience the culture, passion, and dedication of biking clubs in Canada.