Top Selling Touring Bikes

One of the most extraordinary things about having an adventure touring motorcycle in Canada is that you can enjoy the open landscapes and views of the mountains and lakes even more. Touring motorcycles allow you to reach specific destinations you can’t get to with a motor vehicle or regular road bike, which makes it the perfect off and on-road adventurer.

With the spike in popularity of adventure biking worldwide, we look at the best-selling adventure touring motorcycles in Canada and what you can expect in features and pricing.

Honda Africa Twin AS

The Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports proves to bring motorcyclists in Canada a beast of a motorcycle with reliability and great looks. With the brand already being the number-one-selling motorcycle brand in Canada. The new model now boasts a larger engine, more power, a new dashboard, Cruise/ Wheelie control and a lightweight build to help with balance and overall performance.

Key features on the Honda Africa Twin AS include a top speed of 130mph, 1084cc engine, parallel-twin engine, and a range of 250miles.


Since its initial release in 2006, the GS Adventure motorcycle has evolved miraculously with innovative technology and performance quality. It has been setting the standard that the competition wants to achieve and has the majority following in Canada with those looking for reliable and comfortable touring motorcycles. Not only is this model good for touring, but great when joining riding clubs.

Some of the specs that make the R1250GSA stand out are a top speed of up to 125mph, a Boxer VVT engine, 1,254cc, and a 300-mile range. The bike can quickly cost around $25 5450 with all the essential options, but it’s worth it once you hit the road.

KTM Super Adventure R

The Super Adventure R should be on any adventurer’s test ride list to experience this motorcycle’s sheer comfort and power. The bike has unique features built-in that you would not expect from an adventure motorcycle, including a phone charger.

Some of the key specs on the KTM Super Adventure R include a V-Twin Engine, 1301cc, a top speed of up to 165mph, and a range of 230 miles.

The motorcycles on this list have proven time and again to be among the most innovative and reliable touring bikes that provide comfort to the rider, whether climbing the rocks or on the highway. Read further reviews on your future bike.