Famous Biker Clubs in Canada

Canada has a great love for biking and hitting the open road to enjoy the open landscapes and beautiful views. With this dedicated passion, there are many clubs to join. Whether you want to learn about biking or looking for fellow enthusiasts n biking, there is a club for anybody.

The clubs on this list are some of the most popular clubs in Canada and provide a wide variety of different interests in biking dedicated to other groups.

Canadian Army Veteran Motorcycle Unit

The Canadian Army Veteran Motorcycle Unit is a unique club that is not open for anybody to join. To be part of this club and its activities, you need to be a Veteran, a serving CF Member, or a serving allied Military residing in Canada. The club is an active riding club organization and has many membership clubs all over Canada, including Western, Central, and Eastern Canada.

Post image Famous Biker Clubs in Canada Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group - Famous Biker Clubs in Canada

Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group

The Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group is a non-profit organizations club aimed at promoting the use and restoration of older motorcycles. With their historical roots and love for all things classic, this is a great club to join if you are a collector of vintage motorcycles. They frequently host events and rides that are dedicated to certain styles of vintage motorcycles.

Chrome Divas

Chrome Divas is a dedicated women’s only biker club that doesn’t only consist of riders but non-riding passengers. They are dedicated to organizing charity events and participating in already organized charity functions. They believe in community participation, riding their motorcycles for a great cause, and helping those in need.

Besides providing help to charities, they are strong motorcyclist enthusiasts who promote motorcycle safety and elevate the consciousness of automobile drivers.

Post image Famous Biker Clubs in Canada Forest City Riders - Famous Biker Clubs in Canada

Forest City Riders

Forest City Riders stand as a biker club dedicated to the love and dedication to all forms of biking. They promote various events, including Enduros, Dual Sports, Hare Scrambles, and even poker runs and trails.

They are very welcoming to local biking enthusiasts and like-minded motorcyclists who are free to attend meetings and events. Whether you are a passionate or professional rider or just want to get involved with the possibilities, this club is open to various types of memberships.

These clubs are all dedicated to responsible biking, collecting vintage motorcycles, and sharing a passion for biking in Canada.