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74th Crusaders provide information on Canada’s motorcycling scene with insights, news, reviews, etc. Whether new to biking, being professional or just interested, this blog can help you with everything you need to know about biking.

Most of our articles are based on the Canadian market, emphasizing how clubs are helping their communities and causes with charities and how to join those clubs.


We provide details on all the most important clubs in Canada with important information on their operation and events. Joining the clubs mentioned here is possible through membership sign-ups and could benefit your riding life greatly. Depending on your skill level and the type of motorcycles you are passionate about, different clubs may help your development.

If someone is interested in motorcycling without any knowledge or experience, it’s wise to join a club and start riding with someone else before investing in a motorcycle.

Events and Activities

If you would like to stay up to date on all upcoming bike rallies, races, and events, you can frequently visit this blog for details on most club events and rallies. Most provinces in Canada, such as Canada, are dedicated to hosting frequent events to showcase the love and passion for motorcycling.

Types of Motorcycles

With motorcycling having a wide variety of motorcycles, it’s good to learn all about the different options before investing in a bike, from motocross to MotoGP and adventure touring, find out about the best bikes for various forms of motorcycling.

We provide informative reviews on different bike models, top lists, and more. With a focus on the Canadian market, you can learn which bikes are available locally and what the prices may come down to with your budget.

You can frequently visit the 74th Crusaders Blog for updated articles on Canadian bike clubs, rallies, and motorcycles that are perfect for different riding styles.