What to do if you get tired: a quick guide
How to return vital energy if there is no strength for anything? In order not to tire you with reading longreads, we wrote very briefly about where to get energy.
1. Unload your head. Write down all your thoughts on a piece of paper.
2. Find the source of fatigue. This could be a toxic person in your environment or tasks that you don't like.
3. Minimize the things that oppress you.
4. Take a fresh look at the situation. Need to read a boring report? Find the most important nonsense in it. Got a colleague? Imagine that he speaks in the voice of Winnie the Pooh or Piglet.
5. Say "no" to all unnecessary things and focus on one thing. Multitasking literally drains energy and leads to stress.
6. Don't get distracted. Social media, peer conversations, phone calls create the same multitasking experience.
7. Go to bed. But only for 15 minutes! Daytime sleep invigorates, if not delayed.
8. Drink a protein shake or eat vegetables instead of sweets. Sugar leads to spikes in blood glucose, and this drains the body.
9. Find what you love to do. This will become a source of energy. You can draw, read, walk, pet the cat. The main criterion is that you should like the activity.
10. Give up perfectionism. Happiness isn't about perfect makeup or shiny shoes.
11. Treat yourself with true love. Imagine that there is a child inside you. Would you feed him junk food, keep him in the office for 12 hours?
12. Follow the regimen. Go to bed at the same time. In a week you will feel not like a robot, but a person full of strength and energy.
And now the express methods.
Rub a drop of essential oil - mint, citrus or bergamot into your palms. Smells affect the brain instantly.
Jump. Vibrating movements will bring to the senses even the most exhausted.
Meditate. Concentrate on your breathing. When you get lost in thought, just go back. The longer you can meditate, the better.
Just sit in silence. Noises around are tiresome.
Work while standing. When we slouch, cross our legs, blood stops flowing freely. Fix it.
Drink some water. Sometimes the lack of energy is due to dehydration.
Close your browser, turn off your computer, phone and go for a walk. Daylight, fresh air, physical activity will quickly deal with fatigue.
We throw a charge of energy at you. Catch!